About Us

WHEF DC is run by successful enterprises who volunteer their and resources for the benefit of the community.

WHEF organizes programs to:

Is to promote professional relationships. The WHEF will accomplish this goal by organizing networking events to facilitate the creation of professional relationships within the business community, inviting members to share their business challenges, insights, and experiences, and mentoring entrepreneurs.
To help in the expansion of businesses and encourage sharing the surplus wealth with the society. While direct solicitations to members is not permitted, we provide many venues for businesses to increase sales, get exposure, and build referral base. As an example, the WHEF’s email-newsletter will educate local business in the community about their products and services, invite members to participate in special promotions and seminars, and to advertise news and special events. In addition, for businesses with seating, the forum also allows member business owners to host our monthly forum meetings.

We are seeking to fill our WHEF officer positions. If you are interested, please use the Contact Us form to let us know.

Name Responsibilty Email Phone 
LAXMINARASIMHA RAO CHEPURI President and BOD Member lax AT technogeninc.com 703-966-1594
VENKAT A R SUBRAMANIAN Secretory, Membership Growth, BOD Member vsubramanian AT angarai-intl.com 301-523-7238
SUNIL SIMHAL Vice-President, Operations. - Logistics Support, Real Estate Focus Group, BOD Member simhal AT gmail.com 703-459-8466
NARSHIMHA KOPPULA Professional Networking Director, BOD Memeber nkoppula AT aceinfosolutions.com 703-929-0604

VenuGopal Chinnam
Networking Support for Members, Membership Coordinationvchinnam AT usaimpex.com703-927-7107
Naveen Vavilala Event Management,Real Estate Focus Group vavilalan AT gmail.com
Venkat Mallipeddi Emails, Communication mallipeddi AT gmail.com
Laxminath Gopisetty Value Add Professional Services to members lax.gopisetty AT gmail.com
Dr. Reena Bommasani Entrepreneurship support in medical industries RBommasani AT yahoo.com
Dr Krishna Entrepreneurship support in medical industries
Deepak Thakkar Hospitality Focus Group
Vinay Patel Hospitality Focus Group
Raj Patel Finance Focus Group
Rajesh Gooty Community Outreach, BOD Member rgooty AT gmail.com 703-666-9000
Aparna and Raj Dave Legal Focus group rajdaveiit8 AT gmail.com
PardhaSaradhi Karamsetty Federal business Focus Group
Jay Challa Federal Business Focus Group
Shivaram Sitaram Organizational Support ssitaram AT gmail.com 301-602-5482