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The WHEF DC is based in Metro Washington, DC and holds meetings in and around the city.

The registered Office: 2374 STONE FENCE LANE, HERNDON, VA, 20171
Email: ;  Tel.: 703-966-1594

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LAXMINARASIMHA RAO CHEPURIPresident and BOD Memberlax AT technogeninc.com703-966-1594
VENKAT A R SUBRAMANIANSecretory, Membership Growth, BOD Membervsubramanian AT angarai-intl.com301-523-7238
SUNIL SIMHAL Vice-President, Operations. - Logistics Support, Real Estate Focus Group, BOD Membersimhal AT gmail.com703-459-8466
NARSHIMHA KOPPULAProfessional Networking Director, BOD Memebernkoppula AT aceinfosolutions.com703-929-0604
VENUGOPAL CHINNAMNetworking Support for Members, Membership Coordinationvchinnam AT usaimpex.com703-927-7107