Focus Groups

This page will contain Focus Groups, their  meeting notes and articles.

Focus Group name and DescriptionFocus Group OrganizersFocus Group EventsResources, Articles
Federal Business- Narasimha Reddy,
- Jay Challa,
- PardhaSaradhi Karamsetty.
- Lax Chepuri
Entrepreneurship support in medical industries- Dr. Reena Bommasani
- Dr Krishna
Real Estate - Sunil Simhal
- Naveen Vavilala
Hospitality- Deepak Thakkar
- Vinay Patel
Networking- Venkat Angarai
- Narsimha Koppula
Personal Mentor-ship for Business startups- Lax Gopisetty
Hindu Youth – Entrepreneurship
Employment Opportunities
Career Counseling
Professional advise
Business Partnership Opportunities
Access to established business entrepreneurs