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We’re glad you found us. Whether you are a business owner or would like to be, the Hindu Economy Forum is fast growing networking group that welcomes all with an entrepreneurial spirit. As a member, you can meet other professionals face-to-face in Metro-Washington DC and the surrounding areas, learn the secrets of success, and share your knowledge with others.

Businesses need others to survive. Lets support each other and have fun in the process. Please be part of WHEF to get membership benefits. Membership has nominal registration fee, which is used for organizing the professional seminars.

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HEF-DC Chapter Success Stories

After networking in HEF DC events, members created partnerships/LLCs for to acquire multiple commercial real estate properties in Virginia, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and South Carolina totaling more than $30M. These investments are delivering monthly rental income and long term appreciation  Currently working on more real estate transactions.

HEF DC is creating great environment and platform for members to connect and network themselves.  It is evident that multiple members are able to work together on initiatives related to Cyber Security and other IT related projects,  the organization is also enabling members to develop a strong bond and trust among themselves to work on more and more projects.

As part of the HEF DC networking, members were introduced to entrepreneurs from Bharat for investment opportunity for Electric Vehicle start up.  Formed partnership for executing fund raise of over $40M and delivering prototype vehicles to customers such as OLA and Big Basket.